Q-West Boat Builders New Zealand

About Us

Q-West Boat Builders Ltd aspire to be New Zealand's pre-eminent boat builder, crafting all manner of pleasure craft, catamarans, fishing and charter craft, monohulls, ferries, high speed craft, and work boats to world-class standards. You can view our current builds, and completed vessels here on this website.

We seek to always exceed our customers' expectations by achieving excellence in alloy. For the latest news on Q-West, visit our news page.

Q-West boat builders strives for manufacturing excellence through professional management, efficient systems and highly motivated staff nurtured in a healthy and creative environment. Our employees are respectfully treated and fairly compensated for the skills and professional input they invest on our behalf. If you are interested in working with the great team at Q-West, be sure to visit our employment page to view our current vacancies. Q-West Boat Builders Ltd are committed to fulfilling client needs with honesty and integrity.


Q-West is an aluminum boat builder with experience in a diverse range of vessels and applications ranging from pleasure craft, catamarans, fishing and charter craft, pilot boats, monohulls, ferries, high speed foil assisted catamarans and work boats.  Q-West has developed and succeeded as one of New Zealand’s leading aluminum boat builders.

The systems at Q-West for project control ensure the vessels constructed achieve budget and are completed on time. We have pride in the fact that Q-West is one of the most consistent boat builders in New Zealand with regard to delivery.

Q-West construct craft from designs supplied by independent design companies and has associations with many national and international designers.  Teknicraft Design – New Zealand, Incat Crowther – Australia, Camarc Design - Scotland and De Villiers Design – New Zealand (to name a few) have all worked closely with Q-West over the years and continue to do so.

If you are looking for a builder with experience, credibility and proven systems, contact Q-West for a competitive proposal on your next vessel.